Buddhist Practice

Buddhist Practice

Buddhist practice can be summarized into two parts: The cultivation of character and the cultivation of the mind. Shakyamuni Buddha taught the Four Noble Truths based on His enlightenment: Dukkha, the origins of dukkha, the cessation of dukkha or nirvana, and the path to the cessation of dukkha. Dukkha is often translated as suffering, but dissatisfaction is probably closer to the Sanskrit meaning.  The path is often summarized as the teachings on morality, concentration, and wisdom. One needs to become a moral or ethical being in order to concentrate and one needs to be able to concentrate to develop one’s wisdom, which in turn enables one to be more moral and so on until one becomes a perfect or holy being–a Buddha. So our practice consists of cultivating our character or becoming moral and cultivating our mind through various forms of meditation practice. We study the various teachings of the Buddhas to further both aspects of cultivation. The following sections tell you about the various paths to become a holy being and then the “Quick Path” that can enable you to become enlightened in this lifetime. The Holy Vajrasana Temple offers different types of meditation practice from weekly group sittings to short and long-term retreats as well as rare opportunities to hear preliminary translations of discourses by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and a chance to join monastic chanting in Sanskrit, English, Tibetan, and Chinese. All are welcome. Click for current SCHEDULE. The temple’s abbot, Zhaxi Zhuoma, also transmits various tantric practices and empowerments to qualified disciples and can arrange for them to receive the highest inner tantric transmissions when they are ready to receive them.

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Buddhist Practice


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